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Deliveroo Reveals Local Burger Habits & Trends in Celebration of International Burger Day

Kuwait, 25 May 2024: In celebration of International Burger Day, Deliveroo is unveiling intriguing insights into Kuwait’s burger culture and local consumer preferences. In a country where burger competition is fierce, Deliveroo presents a glimpse into the top-ranking burger joints dominating the local market — and exactly how burger lovers are enjoying their favourite hand-held sandwich.

Top 5 Burger Restaurants

It’s no secret that Kuwaitis love a good burger, but which burger joint reigns supreme? or the most popular burgers in Kuwait, renowned local favourites such as Thinnies, Good Stuff, WK, and Chucks are celebrated alongside globally acclaimed establishments like Five Guys, Shake Shack, Hardee’s, and Johnny Rockets.

Regional Favorites

Customers also demonstrate regional preferences when it comes to their burger choices. In the northern and southern regions of the country, Five Guys' Cheeseburger holds sway among patrons, while in the east, residents love the Air-baked Chicken Fillet at Good Stuff. Meanwhile, in the western part of the country, food enthusiasts gravitate towards the Chicken Royale from WK and the timeless Chicken Fillet from Hardee’s. Burgers are also the perfect food item for culinary exploration, allowing foodies to unleash their inner creativity while exploring new toppings and burger options. At Five Guys, customers delight in the build-your-own burger option, customising their creations with an array of toppings. Moreover, with over 20 vegan and vegetarian options available on the app, customers are increasingly venturing into the realm of healthier burger alternatives.

Consumer ordering habits

As for what toppings and sides people love to pair their burgers with, locals have their hearts (and tastebuds!) set on the classics: ketchup, fries, and softdrinks. Although burgers are a fan favourite all year round, Friday is the most popular day for burger orders, with customers preferring to order their preferred beef and chicken patties late-night with friends. With an impressive array of burger options on the app, Deliveroo offers everything from timeless classics to customizable creations, ensuring burger lovers can indulge in their favourite meal throughout the day.

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