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5 May 2024: Deliveroo has announced a new partnership with Lynx Educate, an educational platform dedicated to supporting companies in connecting their workforce with valuable upskilling and training opportunities. This partnership aims to provide an array of educational courses tailored for Deliveroo riders and their families, empowering them to broaden their knowledge and improve their skill sets.

The Lynx Educate platform brings together various learning providers and higher education institutions into an easy to use platform, enabling Deliveroo riders to access a wide array of online courses and advisers to help reach their career goals.

Riders can choose from over 1,000 online courses delivered by the likes of The Open University, OpenClassrooms and Chegg Skills, and can study flexibly around their work. Riders will be able to access a range of courses covering business management, coding, project management, and photography amongst others.

As part of the programme, riders will benefit from courses offered by two language learning providers, Busuu and Voxy, who provide materials to support 14 different languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, French, and Japanese.

In addition to offering a wide range of short courses free of charge, Deliveroo will be sponsoring 100 riders from all over the globe to take higher qualification certificates and select academic courses. These courses range from content marketing to web development to cooking.

Seham AlHusaini, General Manager of Deliveroo Kuwait & Qatar, said: “At Deliveroo, We prioritize the growth of our riders as a fundamental pathway to advancing their careers. Whether our riders aspire to master a new language or delve into a fresh hobby, we're thrilled to offer them the opportunity to broaden their horizons and empower them to continually evolve.”

One of the highlights of this programme is the opportunity for riders to extend this benefit to their family members. All of the offered courses are fully sponsored by Deliveroo, demonstrating the company's dedication to supporting the growth and development of its riders.

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