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Deliveroo Reveals Ramadan Food Trends: Coffee, Frozen Yogurt, & Chicken Sandwiches Dominate the Menu

Kuwait, 10 March 2024: With Ramadan just around the corner, Deliveroo is revealing the top food trends anticipated during the holy month. By analyzing customer data from previous Ramadan seasons, Deliveroo is highlighting the top culinary delights predicted to grace dining tables across Kuwait this year.

"Nothing says Ramadan quite like a round-up of your favorite foods, shared with family and loved ones," stated Seham AlHusaini, General Manager of Deliveroo Kuwait & Qatar. "We're excited to unveil the food trends that define this special month for our customers. From comforting classics to a much-needed caffeine kick, Deliveroo offers a diverse array of options to enhance the Ramadan experience for everyone."

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Caffeine Kick It might come as no surprise that coffee reigns supreme as the ultimate companion for those observing the fast during Ramadan. From sunset to suhoor, coffee remains a steadfast favorite, offering a comforting boost of energy to start or end the day. As for customers’ most ordered coffee, it appears a simple iced Americano almost always does the trick.

Frozen Indulgence Following closely behind, frozen yogurt emerges as a refreshing treat after every iftar, with customers enjoying fro-yo in single servings or as part of party packs to share with family and friends. With its creamy texture and diverse flavor options, frozen yogurt is always a popular choice for individuals seeking a cool and healthy dessert option during Ramadan.

Suhoor Sandwiches Chicken sandwiches emerge as a staple choice for both iftar and suhoor, especially on days when customers are craving a quick and delicious meal. Whether enjoyed as a simple sandwich or paired with sides, chicken sandwiches and burgers consistently rank among the top choices for breaking a fast or for suhoor.

Customers can order their favorite suhoor and iftar foods through Deliveroo by downloading the Deliveroo application.

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