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Deliveroo Elevates Riders Experience this Summer

Kuwait, 27 June 2023: Deliveroo is reaffirming its commitment to rider well-being and satisfaction with a series of initiatives this summer. Deliveroo treats its top-performing riders to a full day of summer fun at Seashell Resort and introduces "Roo Cooling Stations" - rest areas specifically designed to provide refreshment, hydration, and respite between shifts.

“Rider satisfaction and well-being remain an ongoing priority at Deliveroo,” said Seham AlHusaini, General Manager of Deliveroo Kuwait and Qatar. “Our riders work so diligently throughout the year, and we are excited to have this opportunity to provide them with some much-deserved summer relaxation. We hope our riders enjoy everything we have planned for them this summer — from our one-of-a-kind Roo Cooling Stations to an exciting day of summer activities at Seashell Resort.”

Summer Resort: Fun in the Sun Deliveroo indulged its top-performing riders for an entire day at Seashell Resort. Riders had complete access to all facility premises, including the lounge area, pools, and beach. Riders also enjoyed playing soccer, volleyball, and basketball throughout the premises. Moreover, a complimentary buffet meal, snacks, and refreshing beverages, including coffee, were provided.

Roo Cooling Stations This year’s Roo Cooling Stations are air conditioned buses designed to provide riders with an opportunity to rehydrate and take a well-deserved water break during their shifts. Riders will also receive complimentary summer giveaways, such as reusable water bottles and cooling vests, ensuring their hydration and comfort throughout their deliveries. Designed to reach riders across the country, the Roo Cooling Stations are conveniently portable and will rotate between three distinctive locations every month from June to August. This strategic mobility enables access for riders in various delivery areas. The cooling stations will be open daily from 11:00am to 6:00pm, welcoming riders to experience the much-needed respite they deserve.

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