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Deliveroo Reveals Local Chocolate Trends on World Chocolate Day

Kuwait, 06 July 2023: In celebration of World Chocolate Day on the 7th of July, Deliveroo is rounding up the top most ordered chocolate desserts in Kuwait and revealing the results of a local survey highlighting emerging chocolate trends.

"We are thrilled to share the most popular chocolate trends and dishes on our platform in Kuwait this World Chocolate Day," stated Seham AlHusaini, General Manager of Deliveroo Kuwait & Qatar. “Our selection of top chocolate desserts and snacks aims to inspire everyone to indulge in new favorites or cherished classics. We are committed to delivering your preferred desserts and celebrating this special occasion with an abundance of chocolate!"

Top 10 Chocolate Desserts in Kuwait: It’s no secret that chocolate is a popular dessert choice. Whether it’s being drizzled over a cake or included in a best-selling cookie, one thing is certain: chocolate is a fan favorite. In terms of the most popular chocolate desserts in Kuwait, local favorite ‘PICK’ made the top two positions, with their Chocolate Poff Cake emerging as the top ordered chocolate dessert, followed closely by their irresistible chocolate cookie. Interestingly, chocolate cookies seem to be a trending favorite, with six of the top ten chocolate desserts being some version of a chocolate chip cookie.

Among the top chocolate desserts popular on Deliveroo, the Chocolate Chip Cookie and Double Chocolate Chunk Pecan Cookie from ‘Good Stuff’ holds an unrivaled position as a very popular choice. ‘Domino's’ follows closely, offering their delectable Chocolate Lava Crunch Souffle. ‘Ananas’ satisfies chocolate cravings with their irresistible Chocolate Chia Pot and Chocolate Cookies. ‘KFC’ joins the lineup with their renowned Chocolate Chip Cookie and Hardee’s with their Hershey Ice Cream Chocolate Cookie. Lastly, ‘Health Stop’ adds a twist with their tantalizing Chocolate Brownie.

Top 5 Chocolate Grocery Items in Kuwait: Of course, sometimes we all need something quick to satisfy the chocolate cravings, with Deliveroo’s speedy on-demand grocery vendors coming to the rescue. In Kuwait, Kinder Tronky and Kinder Bueno Chocolate are the most popular chocolate treats, followed closely by KDD chocolate milk and Cadbury chocolate sandwich snack.

Chocolate & Coffee – the Perfect Pairing: When asked how people prefer to drink their coffee, 31% of locals indicated that they enjoyed their coffee with a piece of chocolate, preferring it over other snack items like croissants, cake, biscuits, and ice cream.

Favorite Type of Chocolate: As for people’s favorite type of chocolate, locals in Kuwait are almost evenly split between dark chocolate and milk chocolate lovers, with 48% of people preferring dark chocolate and 40% of people preferring milk chocolate. Only 10% of chocolate lovers said they would choose white chocolate, and only 2% indicated a preference for ruby chocolate.

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