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Deliveroo Riders Undergo First Aid Training in Partnership with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society

28 August 2022, Kuwait: As part of its ongoing initiatives to bolster its champions, Deliveroo is partnering with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society to offer first aid training sessions to its riders.

The first aid training sessions held at the Kuwait Red Crescent Society are a part of riders’ ongoing safety and security training.

The training is conducted by certified trainers covering emergency response tactics on managing airway obstructions, severe wounds and bleeding, loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and more.

Learning outcomes will include increased confidence in dealing with local emergencies and a general understanding of administering life-saving first aid before the arrival of emergency services.

Deliveroo is committed to ensuring that riders are equipped with the required skills to assist or rescue passersby and community members in an emergency.

With Deliveroo riders continuously riding through Kuwait’s neighborhoods, riders hope to be able to aid community members who require immediate assistance.

"From their unwavering work ethic to their commitment to delivering our customers' favorite foods on time, it is no secret that our riders are our champions in more ways than one," said Seham AlHusaini, Deliveroo's General Manager. "Undergoing first aid training gives new meaning to the term 'Deliveroo Champions,' as we do not doubt that our riders will demonstrate the same commitment to this training that they have already demonstrated to our local community. We would like to thank our riders for going above and beyond our expectations in everything they do, and for constantly giving back to the country and communities they know and love."

"We are excited to partner with Deliveroo to offer first aid training to a group of their riders," said Manhal Al Anezei, Director of medical Training at the Kuwait Red Crescent Society.

"We are extremely proud of every single Deliveroo rider who has signed up for the training and are excited to be a part of Deliveroo's commitment to periodic safety training. Administering life-saving first aid is a critical skill, and we are delighted to see it added to the repository of skills that Deliveroo riders possess."

It is worth noting that Deliveroo riders worldwide also regularly undergo first aid training, with similar efforts taking place in the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Deliveroo hopes to empower riders to respond in situations where first aid could save someone's life by offering regular safety training.

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