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Deliveroo Sets Up Water Distribution Stations for Riders During Summer

14 August 2022, Kuwait: As part of Deliveroo's commitment to rider safety and satisfaction, Deliveroo will set up water distribution stations providing riders with access to cold water throughout the month of August.

In addition to ensuring water is available all day across major restaurant partners, Deliveroo supervisors have been stationed at three key areas across Kuwait during peak summer hours, with distribution windows open from 12:00 PM until 10:00 PM throughout August.

"The Deliveroo team is constantly implementing initiatives to ensure rider safety and protection year-round," said Seham AlHusaini, Deliveroo's General Manager. “From specialised rider kits to dedicated water distribution stations, we aim to ensure summer hours are comfortable and safe for every rider."

The water stations are one of multiple initiatives that Deliveroo has spearheaded in service of its riders this year. Deliveroo also provides riders with its signature summer rider kits, supporting riders by providing cooling vests, short and long-sleeve tees, bar muffs, phone mounts, windshield visors, and more. In addition, Deliveroo regularly collaborates with popular restaurant partners throughout the year to treat riders as part of their "Deliveroo Champions" initiative.

Since launching its "Deliveroo Champions" campaign, Deliveroo has partnered with various local restaurants and cafes (including Starbucks, AZ Kitchen, Rock House Sliders, and more) to thank riders.

In addition to all ongoing initiatives, Deliveroo constantly encourages customers to offer riders a bottle of water with each delivery and also grants customers the chance to include a tip for their riders upon checkout — a tribute to their hard work and a gesture of thanks. With the Deliveroo team and the community coming together in various ways to thank riders for their hard work, Deliveroo is constantly striving to increase rider safety and satisfaction.

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